Battery Removal to prevent swelling

Hello the team!

My main concern about Li-ion batteries is swelling. I had earlier this week the problem with the brand-new iPhone 15 Pro.

I’m interested in buying a Fairphone 5 for Chrismas or later. However I will use my phone only for gaming aviation and racing games, being plugged all day long on AC power (I want to use my phone as my gaming computer and not as a device that can be on the pocket all the day).

With that in mind my main question are the following.

Can I remove the battery by myself easily and use the phone without battery?

Will the phone’s performance allow me to run Asphalt 9 Legends without lagging?

Take your time to answer me and if your don’t know the answer yet, please test the phone without battery with one of your phones.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Welcome to the Community Forum.

You can remove it very easily.

However, from testing all five generations of Fairphones, I can definitely say that only the FP4 was able to work without a battery inside. The Fairphone 5 shuts off instantly when you remove the battery (even when still connected to power), and you cannot boot it when connected to power, but the battery still outside the FP5.


The FP YouTube channel has videos about swapping the battery. It’s super easy. However, although the FP5 is a great phone and for sure you can play games on it, it doesn’t have the same performance as an iPhone 15 Pro. Bear that in mind.


Battery swelling on an iPhone 15 Pro? Quite unbelievable. It’s only a few weeks out.

Yeah! It’s due to overheating. I used it to play Asphalt 9

wow… my xperia xz3 could run that no issue but iphone 15 overheat :smiley: anyway ordered a fp5 myself, hope it will be good