Battery Problems after latest update

Anyone else noticed the battery discharging much quicker since the latest OS update? (My phone was at 100% at 7am - down to 40% by 8:30am!)

Which OS? What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

On 6.0.1
"Fp2-gms-18.02.0 release keys"

Been plugged in most of the morning. Now on 22%!

Usually such a thing is not the fault of the update itself (else thousands of posts about it would flood the forum), but something went wrong during the update.
Manually reinstalling the OS should fix that.
Another good bet is always the battery reset from the #batteryguide.


Hmm… tried the tips in the battery guide. Also tried to re-do the update in advanced mode, but it just fails to download. Maybe have to buy yet another battery. It is getting hot, too, so maybe it’s just another battery fault. I left it charging overnight a few times, so maybe it didn’t like that?

Try to manually update (via fastboot or recovery) as explained in the link I posted above.

Is it actually the battery that gets hot, or the phone or both? How old is your SIM card?

I tried the manual update - the instructions worked fine, thank you.
It’s still getting hot and not holding charge. The heat actually comes from the top-half of the back of the phone, which, I’d never considered (as the case is usually on) is not actually where the battery sits. The heat is centered just at the top of where the sim cards are (I use it dual-sim). The sim cards are probably nearly two years old.

About two years seems to be a kind of magical limit when SIM cards start to heat up the FP2. Usually you’ll also get a free replacement from your provider for SIM cards that old if they cause problems.

Great info - I’ll see if I can get them to send replacements!

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