Battery Problem : my phone no longer charges

Hello everyone,

I have a FP3+, and after it turned off, it never turned back on
I tried plugging it in with different chargers, on different outlets, and even on my PC, but nothing happened.
I also point out that the charging indicator no longer lights up even when it is plugged in.
I have a friend who has an FP3+, I tried my battery on his phone, and it still worked, so the problem doesn’t come from there…
Could it be coming from the lower module?
It took on water for a few seconds a few months ago, but I managed to save it, I imagine that perhaps it damaged the module…
I would like to repair it myself rather than going through customer service, but I would like to be sure that it is this module that I need to replace, so if anyone has also been there…
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

If you try to start the FP3+ with a fully charged battery, what happens?

You can ask your friend to try and swap the bottom modules. Then you can find out if yours is still working or if that is the problem.

Hello, and thank you for your answer.
It does not work neither.

Hello, thank you for your help!
I will try this week-end with him, thank you very much.
I admit I thought about swapping the batteries, but not the modules, I’ll see if it works

Then it might have been struck by the sudden death phenomenon, described here several times or the water damage took its toll.

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Also, there are some markers for water damage inside the phone that will colour red if there was water inside the phone. You can see them once you removed the screen if I remember correctly

There are 2 markers: One near the battery-connector and the second near the connector of the bottom module.

See (rotated by 90°) - the white squares.

I took the phone apart, but these markers are still white, however there were traces on the protective plate, which show that water has infiltrated.

You can try to clean the mainboard using 100% isopropanol and a brush. You have to remove the remaining liquid by compressed air from a can. This may helps, buts it’s not very likely and the problem can reoccur after a few weeks/months.

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