Battery problem and since new update screen problems

Hi everyone

my battery from my FP 2 which I replaced in Mai 18 does not last 12h anymore, really annoying if you’re out of the house. any way to fix that?
I thought it might get better if I do an update. but since I downloaded the newest update a couple days ago, my screen is going wild. sometimes it stays black, then it shows all different colours, then it is blinking wildly and sometimes it works. I really can’t rely in my phone anymore. any tips what to do?


I can’t help, sorry. I don’t either have problem with screen, but I wanted to ask:
How long should the FP2 battery last?
I mean…for example. At morning there’s 100% then I go to school, during six school hours I use phone maybe 1hour or 1,5hours or a lot less, if I count together the times. When I came home, there’s perhaps 2% in the battery.
Or it’s 100% then I use snapchat for 30minutes and listen spotify at the same time and the it’s already 45% and when it goes down to 37% I can’t use the phone nearly at all, cause it will take few seconds and the battery is empty. Also, if the phone is in the charger and I use like…snapchat for example the battery percents wont go up, but down, only a bit slower than usually. And seriously jus A BIT.
On my friends phone percents will go up in the situation like that.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
Is that ńormal what I told?
And yeah, how long should the FP2 battery last at once?
Does your FP also become very hot after you’ve used them just like few minutes??

Thanks for everyone already,

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