Battery problem, and no answer from fiarphone support for weeks now!

My fairphone never gets charged when it is off, either with USB or AC …

And when it is on, like it is now, it does not load either : at the
moment, it is stuck at 77 % load, connected with AC, and nothing happens

I heard some people although had that kind of problem: can anybody help please ???

is it “normal” that no answer comes from the fairphone support to which I posted several requests about that problem ??

Thanks for any help,


Some people have reported problems with their chargers or cables, sometimes only trying a few helped.

Did charging ever work properly?

What software version do you have installed (some later versions should have improved the situation).

Unfortunately the support is overloaded with work and still has a huge backlog, but they recently hired new staff, so hopefully the situation should improve soon.

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The fairphone support consists of four people who are responsible for all support requests throughout Europe. When you submitted your first ticket, you will have received an e-mail in which they ask you to be patient, because a lot of requests have to be processed at the time and that you please do not send mulitple tickets for the same issue. So when you write [quote=“Guenhael, post:1, topic:20499”]
the fairphone support to which I posted several requests about that problem

you probably did not read that e-mail or just didn’t care.

I can understand that it’s hard to just sit there and wait for an answer, but Fairphone cannot afford 200 support employees doing nothing but answering support requests. It’s what you get if you are one of 100,000+ customer of a small startup company. I am in the same situation, I am also waiting for my ticket to be answered and I guess there are many others. Be patient and ask the community for help before you rush the support with several identical tickets.

As for your problem, you might also consider a battery reset:

When you deliberately drain your battery to its very bottom so the phone turns off automatically and then plug it in, you might actually get it charging (given the charger is not somehow broken).


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