Battery problem after upgrade to Android 10

after upgrade to Android10, when I power up my FP2 the battery drains in a few minutes 25-30% of its capacity. I have no SD-card. Has somebody experienced the same thing ? Thank you in advance for your help.

Some people reported something similar. Most of the times that problem disappeared after a few hours or days, when the OS was done with the optimization of all apps. Sometimes it came from an app running wild, after stopping the app and maybe clearing it’s data or cache, it worked normally again.


Thank you for the reply, Incanus. In fact, the phone gets now less “hungry”, loses just a few percentages of battery capacity. All the best


Hi! I am experiencing the same problem, and it did not disappeared. I am running LineageOS 18.01 and I have a new battery, but I need to charge it two times a day for an average screen use of 3/4 hours…
Any idea about checking if there is some app or other issue that cause this?
Thank you!

I take it that you mean between 3 and 4 hours – or do you mean 45 minutes?

To check power use of apps, go to Settings > Battery > 3-dot menu > Battery usage

3 or 4 hours, sorry, thank you

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