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Hello everyone!
I use Samsung, everything about this gadget suits me except the battery life. While the phone is new, the battery works well, but over time (about a year) the battery quickly dies and is no longer enough for a day. Please tell me, do Fairphone batteries work the same way or better?

My FP4 is one year old and I still get approx. 10 hours screen on time (mostly under strong network coverage).


The FP4 has OK battery performance, but is far from being the best on the market.
It has a rather unique feature among today’s phones, though: You can easily switch out the battery when you need it, i.e. when performance gets too bad. If that works for you, then you’re good to go, I suppose.



Well batteries don’t actually do any ‘work’ they are called upon to drain, so it’s the applications that drain the battery that do ‘the work’

Generally mobile phone batteries are manufactured to the same level off usability in terms of wear over time.


Thank you for your help!!

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Just a quick reply, nothing detailed. I’ve had my FP4 since January of 2022, and so far it hasn’t reduced all too much. I do charge it with QC4.0 (I think), which has slightly degraded the battery, and I’ve been considering getting a new battery in 6-12 months. All in all, it lasted way longer than my old Samsung S7, and although it isn’t exactly the very best, it’s also not the absolute worst.

You may like to keep the range of charge between 20 and 80 percent. I try not to let mine go below 40 nor higher than 90

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