Battery percentage

Sometimes when I charge my phone it’ll stay on a percentage for a really long time or start going backwards in number
What do I dooooo?

Let me start off with some questions to narrow it down a bit: What charger are you using and what’s its output? Have you tried with a different one? Does is ever happen with others or always with the same one?


Hi I’m using Fairphone’s charger, it says DC 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Yes with an iPhone plug connected to the fairphone cable
Happens sometimes with both, more frequently recently

Try flipping the USB-C connector. My FP3 came initially with a faulty USB-C port and would only take charge with the plug one way in.

Another possibility might be that the FP3 won’t charge if it gets to warm, e.g. when lying in the sun in summer


You tried another charger, but did you try another cable?
Please also check the #batteryguide (I think it’s for FP2 but it should work the same).
Did you do a search on this forum? With keywords “Unable to charge” for example. This question about charging has already been asked quite a lot.


Hi no was thinking about getting a new one if suggested
Thanks will have a look

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