Battery only charges when fairphone is turned off

Dear all,

I have a problem. My FP1U does not charge when it is turned on. The charge symbol does appear but it seems to drain energy to 1% rather than charging it. When I turn off my phone and connect it to the charger it will work again. Does someone have this problem too? Or know the solution to it? I have not changed my charger, and the charger still works perfectly with my tablet so that can’t be it.



Have you already tried a battery reset FP1 (step 2 is very important)?

Please also see the #batteryguide . If your battery is bloated/deformed stop using it immediately and request a replacement from Fairphone support.

Thank for your reply. No not yet, I will try this today :slight_smile:

@Stefan Thanks I will. As far as I can see the battery is not bloated or deformed.

Hi all,

@urs_lesse @Stefan I reset the battery with help of the batteryguide last week and it worked, at least for a few days. Since last night the same problem occurs each time when I want to charge my phone. Do you have other solutions? Or should I consider it broken?

Did you actually do the spin test as described in the #batteryguide? It’s much more accurate than the naked eye.

Actually it can. Not all devices are compatible with the same chargers/cables and the FP seems a bit picky.
Also most cables were unfortunately not built to last and wear off easily.
Get a charger from the list and a high quality data cable or try charging equipment you still have laying around at home. You may need to do another battery reset with the new charger/cable so everything works fine again.

@paulakreuzer yes I did the spintest. However it was not that clear as in for example So I don’t know if it is bloated or not.

My charger hasn’t changed over the years, my cable however did change recently. Isn’t it strange that my phone does charge when it is turned off? I only experience these problems when I try to charge my phone while it is turned on. Is the phone ‘less picky’ when it is turned off?

If your Fairphone is turned on and connected to the charger and you do not move the phone at all, does it make a difference? Have you been able to transfer data from your computer to the phone through the USB port/cable recently?

No that makes no difference. I usually charge my phone at night when I go to sleep so I don’t move it all.

And no, I didn’t connect my phone to my pc recently. I guess that last time was in August when I made some backups because I wanted to reset my fairphone.

Possibly. Maybe there is an issue with your installation of Android that prevents charging. When your phone is turned off then Android is not running.

This is happening to me too. I’ve also discovered that if I turn the phone off, then plug it in, then turn it on back on, it will continue to charge while it’s on. It just doesn’t charge if I plug it in while it’s on. So weird! And definitely no battery bloat.

Yes, this is exactly my problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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