Battery longevity?

I’ve had my FP2 for about 2.5 years. Still having issues, but generally gets me through the day. My question today is: how long is the battery expected to last? Mine never lasts a full day, and I don’t use it that much throughout the day, but it is on 3G/4G during working hours (no wifi at work). Even given all that, it seems like it’s lasting less than it did a year ago.


  1. How many hours in a day should the battery keep the phone going?


  1. How many years / months, with a full recharge every day, should the battery be expected to continue functioning at 100% (ie: last for the expected number of hours before recharge is required)?

Even rechargeable batteries will die after a while I assume, so just wondering if I need to buy a replacement.

This very much depends on usage and circumstances. If you completely empty it and then fully charge it every day and expose it to extreme temperatures (& especially temperature changes) then you can expect it to last about half a year.
If you follow the tips in the #batteryguide it can last many years.

I got my FP2 in December 2015 and my battery still does it’s job sufficiently. I mostly keep it between 80% and 60% and only fully charge it if I know it will have a busy day.

This also depends a lot on usage. My battery that easily gets me through the day will probably only last an hour r so if I navigate and watch hd videos at full brightness

If you do full charging cycles every day you can expect the battery will not be at 100% after a few days. :wink:

Usually when the battery doesn’t do it’s job to your satisfaction anymore is the right point in time to get a new one.


It depends. Actual use and signal strength influence this. If you’re on a train moving through countryside with poor coverage areas, searching for signal is going to drain your battery a lot faster than if you’re sat in the park with good reception. As for use - if you have a lot of apps doing stuff in the background even if it’s just in your pocket, that’s going to use more power than if they weren’t there. Use of WiFi or 4G is also a heavy influencer.

When not expressing battery charge in time, but rather in energy: for 100%, probably less than 10 charges. Most batteries are rated to retain about 80% of original capacity* as maximum capacity after 300-500 cycles. The drop in max. capacity accelerates over the number of cycles. Higher power draw and/or quick charge increases the rate of decline.

This may be useful or interesting:

*Note that capacity is not the same as charge. The percentage charge reported by the phone is an estimation of how much of the current maximum capacity (i.e. not original max. capacity) of the battery is charged.


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