Battery life record? 22d 8h 29m 7s

Never mind the timestamp on the Screenshot file - it was taken just now, 6+ years after purchase, on the first battery (never replaced). I just forgot to set the time/date on the phone last time I powered it after complete battery drain.

Can anyone beat that runtime? To be fair, it was running without Sim cards for all that time :slight_smile:


No, can’t beat that :slight_smile: I think my maximum (with SIM active at least from 8:00 to 23:00) was 11 or 13 days. But I guess here you probably didn’t use it at all other than letting it rest on a shelf, right?

P.S.: 6 year badge for aral-matrix, please!


Well 22 days without random reboot is nearly a miracle for my fp2… :roll_eyes:

Indeed, my FP1 was literally resting on a shelf for the whole time - I picked it up once 3 days ago to make a first screenshot (the irregularity in the power decrease must come from that) and email it to myself (WiFi).

Which is also why I feel I do not earn a 6 year badge - I have used a FP2 since my FP1 power button broke (shortly after FP2 release). I ended up exchanging my FP1 power button, and it’s perfectly functional again, BUT I never used it, just charged it occasionally to keep the battery alive…

PS: Moving back to Germany this weekend - once the CoViD-19 measurements blow over, I can say hi in an Aachen Fairphone Meet-up :slight_smile:


@d2w: For me, it is a miracle to go through a single day without a random reboot on my FP2 - unfortunately, the FP2 is the opposite of stable…

But FP3 is no option (as explained elsewhere :frowning: )

On a side note the FP3 has a great standby time, leaving it overnight battery dropped only 2%

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