Battery Life on new phone

I’ve just got my new Fairphone and am so far disappointed with the battery life. It is only holding charge for about 3/4 of a day. It came partially charged and I am wondering if it needed a full charge then full discharge several times for the battery to be most effective. Can only assume battery life will decrease over time so perhaps I need a replacement one? Can people tell me how long their phone usually lasts with moderate use?


3/4 of a day is not much for a fairphone if you use it moderately.
since i never had battery problems with my fp - it lasts well over a day, so i never even got below 10% when I charge every night - I can’t tell you much about it, but on the forum there are many posts like this one; you might find a solution there. If not you should contact support

Without usage other than being connected to the cellphone network (eg. no wifi, no data, screen off), I have gotten 2.5 days for 50% of battery, but that’s basically doing nothing but being reachable.

Things that you can do to stretch battery life if

  • remove data syncing
  • remove location access
  • check the CPU’s occupation using something like OSMonitor
  • check the number and length of CPU/screen wake locks and timers using Wakelock detector.

I usually seem to have the phone at ± 10% awake.

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As @paulakreuzer said, problems with the battery are sadly relativly common with Fairphones. Actually a suprisingly high number of people has reported bloated batteries. These are a danger and can be a reason for bad battery life. Please check your battery and contact support - include a picture i guess - if you have any concerns you might be affected by this.

On the other hand, you are right: It often takes some days (-charging-cycles) for a battery reach full performance, so maybe your battery life will get better in the next days.

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i use mine for loadsa texts + full length song as text notification, reading news and weather twice daily, local phone calls, interactive screen saver, dictionary and can get two days out of a charge. it took a week before it fully held that charge when i first got it though. hope it gets better for you

My battery life has improved still not much over a day but hasn’t died on me yet :slight_smile:

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