Battery life is getting worse; anybody recognizes that/how to solve?

Hi, since a few weeks my battery runs empty way faster than before. I use a FP3, my partner the FP3+ and they have the same problem.

To our knowledge we haven’t installed any new apps and apps we already used are finetuned for a longer battery life. As our phones.

So: what could be causing this and do any of you encountered the same issue? And ore importantly: how can we solve this?

Did you check in the settings which App is probably causing this?

Yup, and there’s nothing different than before… That’s what’s so odd.

But which app(s) is/are using the battery? And what exactly means ‘way faster than before’ ?
One day instead of two days or just a few hours?


TL;DR try turning your phone fully off (hold the power button, then tap “Power off”), then turn it on again

Full version: Just wanted to chip in since I have a similar issue: every now and then my FP3 suddenly drains like 8% battery per night instead of 2% (I keep it in airplane mode at night). When that happens, the battery also drains faster than normal during the day.

The Battery usage screen did not show anything useful, so I installed GSAM and gave it all the fancy developer permissions I could give it. Turns out the extra battery drain could not be attributed to any app or system functionality. I also spent hours analyzing logcat output to no avail.

In the end, I found that turning my phone fully off and then turning it on again brings it back to normal battery drain figures. Sometimes it reverts to fast draining in a day or two, sometimes it doesn’t for weeks. Every time it happens, the drain continues until I turn the phone fully off and on again. I decided to just live with it, regular power cycling has some security benefits anyway :innocent:


Thanks! I will from now do so.

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