Battery life gradually decreasing

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A year ago my FP2 failed and I was sent a factory refurb. All was well for a while but I noticed the battery didn’t last quite as long as my previous handset.

Over time this has got worse and worse. I charge it overnight but tend to get up and turn off the charger around 2am. By the time I get up in the morning it has already lost around 20% of its battery life.

I’m now having to charge it multiple times a day. When I’m out of the house I’m constantly aware of the battery draining away and worry that the phone will shut down, especially as hitting 20% means the phone will probably die within minutes of use.

I’m also getting occasional random reboots.

I have a spare battery that used to be in my old handset. However I’m a little afraid to try that because of the problems my previous handset had. Plus I suppose the battery itself may not be at fault.


Did you have a look at the #batteryguide yet?


Sounds like an app running wild to me.


Thanks, I will try the battery reset and see what happens.


Would I be able to see that in the battery use page? I’ve had a look there and nothing suspicious shows up.