Battery is full or dead?

Sorry, my english is very bad.
Since some months my fairphone 2 fails regarding some problem with the battery.
The phone indicates 90%, in few minutes 50%, later 1%… The phone turns off.
Then we put it to charge battery and suddendly indicates 55%… half of an our later 53%…
I don’t know if the problem is the battery or some sensor of charge…
What have I to do with this problem?
Thanks a lot!

I think your English is pretty good!

I noticed similar symptoms with the battery once when it did not fit tight in its dedicated slot to the contacts in the core module. Try to fill the little gap with a piece of folded paper and observe the behavior in the next days, maybe that helps…


Doing a full cycle from 0% to 100% should reset the battery stats (which seem here to be wrong). Together with @DeepSea’s advice it could help.

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