Battery indicator Jam bar 0%

Good evening, after updating to Android 12 on my FP the battery indicator in the status bar always shows 0%. Battery recharged, tried safe mode.
Problem still there.
Thanks for any advice.

Just a thought.
Could you switch off the “Ladestandanzeige in Prozent”?
Reboot the phone and see what the indicator on the screen is showing.
And then switch on the “Ladestandanzeige in Prozent”?

When you recharged the battery did you allow it to go down to 5% and then charge to 100% to reset the system measuring algorithm?

What info does the Settings > Battery info provide?

Have you just taken out the battery for a while, maybe thats just enough to “reset”?

Good evening everyone,

tried everything, still 0% display in the status bar. Also the battery yombol is empty.

Have you tried disabling it (Settings > Battery > Battery percentage > show in status bar ) then, clearing cache etc. switching off phone by 10 sec press, ~ restart and enable percentage.

What have tried everything:
Used device on 0% until it turns off, then charged and turned on.
Battery removed with device off, battery removed with device running.

What’s weird, not only the percentages are 0, but also the icon is always blank.
Also have cleared cache, have no more solution. With A11 everything was fine :thinking::thinking::thinking:

As we could so far not find a solution for you and you are so far the only one having this issue you might need to #contact support.

Btw deleting comments might make the discussion a bit odd, so maybe keep and correct.

Close topic and do not offer a solution. Not very sustainable…

As already discussed via PM:

Your topic here is open, just a duplication of this was closed.

We are not official support we are user like you and offer help and that must not lead to a solution.

Hello angels, they can end all my threads and also delete my account right away.
Have with an additional app the battery indicator back in the status bar.

Angels cannot edit or delete posts etc. They only offer local support. Moderators can do those things and some moderators may also offer local support and have the angel badge.

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Account was anonymized, we cant delete accounts

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