Battery for FP2 from vhbw does not fit (build wrong)

Just to let you know:
I have some issues with my FP2 and tried to solve them with a new battery.
I bought one from vhbw (“For FP2-BAT01”).

But: there is a mechanical mistake in the design of that battery!
The small part on the battery, for easy lifting it out of the phone is on the wrong position (downside). That’s the reason, why it is too tight in the phone and difficult to remove.

Have you contacted VHBW about it? I would not rule out that this is a manufacturing error (wrong assembly) – which might have affected just this battery or just a batch of batteries.

Yes. But I just informed them today. Therefore no respone up to now. I have two of this wrong manufactured batteries.

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Looking at the product picture in their shop (Handy Telefon-Akku als Ersatz für Fairphone FP2-BAT01 - 2420mAh, 3,8V, Li-Ion - Electropapa), it looks to me as if even that shows the wrong desgin. So it might be more than a problem in a single batch…


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Did you get any response from the manufacturer or from Electropapa?

I agree with mde, the mistake is pretty clear in the picture on their website

I was thinking that it should be pretty easy (and harmless) to file off the misplaced tab. What do you think?

It should only be a bit of plastic to help lift out the battery. I see no harm in removing it. No active components should hide there.

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