Battery fault, turns on and off and doesn't change for 50% charge

My FP3 has developed some strange battery fault. It intermittently turns on and off! It spent a day or two saying the battery was over heating although this has stopped now?

Now it just shows 50% charge no matter what. I can plug it in to charge and it shows it’s charging but never changes from 50%. Once or twice it had rebooted and shown 5% battery then then automatically reboots again showing 50%. It just turns itself on and off with no regular pattern.

I can’t seems to get any response from the Fairphone team and desperately need to be able to use my phone as it the only line I have. Please help>

Perhaps a kickstart (reset) of the battery is an idea. See this article. It says Fairphone 1 and 2, but as they were lithium-ion batteries like the Fairphone 3 is a lithium-ion battery it’s worth a try.

I will give it a go but can’t tell how charged the battery is as it only show’s 50% regardless

Two questions:

  1. Have you already tried to remove the battery and put it back in?
  2. What charger and cable do you use?

Best wishes,

Yes! I have factory reset it, kick starting it just is stuck saying it’s 50% I charged it for two hours still saying 50%! Although shows it charging?

It the correct charger it had work fine for the last five months. Amazon basics

No joy! It’s shows it’s charging just doesn’t charge the amount

… charges the battery and shows the charging level if doing it inside the phone might fail.
(Until a solution for the issue comes up, and as a neat plan B for the future.)

Please do the test as described in this article by mrt.
This will hopefully tell if there is something wrong with your battery.

How long you had your phone for?
Have you taken out the battery frequently?
Do you play cpu heavy games and the back of the phone gets hot?
How many times you usually charge your phone per day?

Try this:

The battery percent is always showing 50% no matter what

Right I have done that who do I send them too?

What is the result of the test?

It said the health is Good. But min charge 50% and current 50%.
It stated it was charging but then did not move for 50%. Not sure
what else i’m looking for.

From your first post you already had contact with Fairphone.
If this means you opened a ticket with I would like to ask you to send the ticket number to me in a PM.

Sorry thought I have replied.

The phone is getting worse now saying the battery is too cold and turning off . It won’t stay on for more than a few minutes, I can charge it and will get about five minutes if i’m lucky.

I am not sure how my ticket number would help you? Besides I lost it when I did the factory reset (oops). Still no response what so ever from them

Now saying battery health is unknown >???