Battery drains and reboots

For FP1(U), I knew. I did. A smaller battery in length dimensions, the same in width dimensions, the same contact points. Did well with 1 small addition, to fill up at the bottom “met een stekje, gewikkeld in een keuken-handdoek-afscheurtje”. Het blijft werken, omdat de nieuwe batterij beter is dan de origenele (sorry!)
Concurrency and ownership made standardization so difficult.
So, Fairphone lovers, if batteries for the FP1(U) cannot longer be available, WHAT IS YOUR alternative? Why was this battery so exceptional that no loner standard could remain? I have bought for both: FP1(U) for my girlfriend -about € 475- and and, two years later, an FP2 for myself for about € 875,- and still, we remain not satisfied! My FP2 goes from 100% battery in 90 minutes to 15% - very times my FP2 reboots permanently (it is: no interruption possible, without removing my battery).

The FP1 was 325€ and the FP2 is sold at 530€.

PS: I moved your post to it’s own topic because it seems that your actual issue are fast drains and reboots of the FP2. If you really want to discuss, please don’t mix it up with a help request.


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