Battery draining fast on Fairphone Open with rooted FP2


my battery is draining fast, I have to full charge it once a day.

I’ve seen that some people used BetterBatteryStats but problem is it’s not available on F-Droid anymore and can’t download it with Yalp.

Does someone has a way to solve this?


You need to activate the Archive in F-Droid’s settings. It’s under “Repositories” or similar.


The old in the F-Droid-Repo stopped working for me some time ago.

I did a bit of digging.

3 Methods of installation i found:
Play Store - automatic updates, cost money (2.39€ for me)
XDA-Forums - 2nd post has the APKs attached; you have to update manually
Github - Build your own from github.

The XDA 2.2-Version works fine for me. I saw 2.3 was released (but the post seems not to be updated yet) and 2.4 is in testing (if you register with your email/github on their linked site you get the beta-2.4-apk as download).

The choice is yours :wink:


The archive repo link worked, althought I got a security warning with a rooted app :frowning:

I observed for a week.

During the week-end the phone did great with more than 2 days without recharge, but at 15% the battery started to discharge really fast.

During the week, I downloaded the bike app of my town:
and then the fast battery drain was also observed, I saw in betterbatterystats that my phone was not going back to sleep mode and stayed activated/awake all the day long. If I kill the app after using the bike, I have normal battery consumption.

I may also have noticed a strange behaviour with bluetooth but have not had time to reproduce it.


During navigation it’s normal that the phone doesn’t go to deep sleep. If the battery drains always, there seems to be something wrong with the app and its interaction with the phone. Possibly some active sensor that prevents the phone from going to deep sleep. Or the app depends heavily on Google Services and is confused that they are missing on your phone.

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