Battery Draining - Cell Standby high %

My battery is draining rapidly, no roaming/data connection, no WiFi on. Normally I only have to recharge my battery once a day when I’m using it this much. I’ve been checking the usage it’s coming up like this:
The screen is 39%, Cell standby from 40 - 50 and phone idle is 24%.
Any suggestions? How do I know when it is time to replace the battery? I’ve had the phone since Jan. 2014.

I suggest to check for physical problems with the battery first. Does it appear to be swollen or bloated? Does it spin easily when it is lying on a flat surface? If so, the battery has failed and continued use can be dangerous. See this topic for some (extreme) examples.
If in the battery overview (under settings) you see strange sudden dips, this could also point towards a failing battery.

In some cases a defective SIM card can also cause a high battery drain - if the drain is significantly lower when there is no SIM card in the phone, that could also be the case (though this is somewhat rare).

A complete collection of troubleshooting tips can be found in the #batteryguide .

Batteries have an expected lifetime of 2 years, so it is also likely that your battery has reached its end of life.

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Thanks Stefan,

Not a bloated battery, good to check. It’s probably an age thing (um, a bit like its owner . . .!)



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