Battery drain on Google Maps

I know the Fairphone 5 battery is part of a lot of discussion but when using Google Maps the FP5 seems to drain incredibly quick. It seems to be about 4-5x faster than other android phones that I have used.

Is there a reason for this?

Are these any settings that can help with this?

Could you define 4-5 faster somehow? I think on both FP4 and FP5 for me its around 10% / hour when the screen is on.

I think I am probably losing around 25-30% per hour, I will have to give a check next time I use it as I have charged since.

Gave it a try today and a 20 minute journey took up 9% of my battery

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Do you have 5G enabled? I think there is something else draining battery.

Else what are your settings here?

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Thanks, I have the same settings except I had WiFi scanning on, I have turned that off now.

I had battery saver mode on which I am pretty sure disables 5g.

You can check if its the same in safe mode, if not its a third party app. dic:safemode

That was probably a good test/move. There are reports of WiFi scanning draining the battery.