Battery drain issue (solution)

Hello I have a new fairphone 2. I looked here and there was a topic about draining battery. I have the same problem. I think it is a Software issue. I made a new topic because I couldn’t get to the bottom of the other battery drain problem.

Solution (turn on battery saving):
Go to settings of your fairphone. Go to the battery section. Hit at the right top battery save function. Turn on battery saving

What I think is the problem:
I think there is a software issue that is causing to use cpu usage and drain the battery. I think it is a software issue because the solution worked for me and if it was a hardware issue i could not be solved by turn on battery saving. It seems that a background taks is turned of when you turn on battery saving.

When playing a game my fairphone 2 crases without battery saving turned on. Whit battery saving turned on my fairphone 2 can play any game. So the solution also affects stability on the fairphone 2.

The setting
The setting somehow is turned of while you charging your phone. When you have your phone on power your phone will be less stabel.

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Yep, I like this feature too.
Is there a simple widget available to turn battery saving mode on?
It would make switching it on and off more handy within the daily use.

I don’t know. But if you find one can you tell me?

I did searched for one some time ago, but without any result.

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