Battery drain again and again

Hi all!
Again my phone has started to drain battery thru wifi that is not on at all. I have disable place and all the other settings that are supposed to stop battery from draining and still it says that the wifi is biggest consumer of the battery. See the attached screendumps and notice on the WiFi consumption that it is only used 1m 14sec in total!

I dont know what to do to stop this annoying behavior, any help would be great!

Those starts from settings are wrong most of the time… To get at real stats you should use BetterBatteryStats or similar programs to get real information. See the relevant topics in this forum. An bbs idle dump did help me a lot (besides a new battery after nearly 3 years)


One thing I have realized is that if you enable WiFi but then you don’t connect to any WiFi and then switch it off again it’ll remain active in the battery stats. Connecting to any network and switching WiFi off then resolves that issue. However, the battery consumption for me never has been high enough to investigate this issue further.

Do u use Google Maps? I had those problems with google maps, after deleting it it works great.

To completeley disable wlan I’d suggest disabling the search for public networks in the wlan settings and disabling the support for location search in settings / security / location / search.
Sorry, if the options are named differently, I have translated from a german phone running LineageOS 15.1 …

Hi and thanks for all input! Will download betterbatterystats and see where that gets me… @Martin_Anderseck yes I have also discovered that strange behavior.
@Patrick_Becker yes I have google maps installed but have not activated all the location and other settings making it use wifi or mobile data, I have almost never on mobile data either, just when receiving an mms.
@s99h Thanks but already done that… and I use google android. Maybe I should use fairphone os instead or lineageOS?!

I´ve done it in that way too…and after killing google maps the problem disappeared. I can´t name the reason behind it :wink:

Will, for me lineage is very battery efficient… But then, your mileage may vary, as usual. Maybe some specific app that’s behaving better on one os than the other

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