Battery drain after battery reset and other measures

Dear Community,

I have a problem with the battery of my fairphone 2: It drains after 10-12 hours whilst I do not use it extensivly.
According to Android, the application draining most of the battery is the wifi. However, this is even displayed when swichting off Wifi for the entire day.

Here is a list of the thing I did so far (might be a also a short reference of all the ideas pronounced in the forum)

  • Swichting of Wifi as a location tracking feature
  • Reset the battery as described by the fairphone team
  • Starting the phone for a couple of hours in the safe mode
  • buying a new battery in the fairphone store
  • Deleting Apps which are not used anymore

All of this measures did not had any effect.

Are there any other ideas or solutions which have worked for you?
Would it make sense to actually reset the phone although the save mode did not improved anything?

Regards & thanks


Including all the ideas in the #batteryguide ?

I had this problem (battery drain,fast in airplane mode below 55%, and FP2 hot not knowing why). I tried Greenify, and my FP2 does’nt become hot anymore, and battery as “normal” (less longer than my wife’s phone).

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