Battery drain after 1.3.6 update (?)

Since the update that was recently released I have the impression that the battery drains way faster than it used to do. Also, there was a change in the screen refresh rate. Might the two be related? Anyone else experiencing quicker battery drain?

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I haven’t updated yet (I’m planning to do this on the weekend), but maybe the update resets some additional screen properties? I’m thinking of the brightness setting, for example, which could affect the battery drain.

I think it did reset, yeah. But every day I set it to the same point after having put it at its lowest point the night before. So the reset shouldn’t have any impact.

How long since you updated?

It is normal for Android phones to use more battery for a day or two after an update, since all sorts of caches need to be rebuilt and other background calculation that needs to be done.

I experienced the same with my FP2 after the last update, but it only lasted for 2 days, now I’m back to normal.

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I updated on Sunday and did not have unusual battery drain since then. Usually my battery lasts ~ 1.5 days, after the update it even lasted 2.5. However this was not my usual usage pattern, so I wouldn’t talk about an improvement either.

When I beta-tested 1.3.* I had a really huge battery issue. It was Telegram apps that was eating everything. To solved it, in Telegram, deactivate “smart push” in Settings -> Notifications and Sounds.

Otherwise I advice you to install Better Battery Stats and to read this, it is very informative, particularly about “Wakelocks”: Wakelocks in Android (FP1(U)/rooted FP2)

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