Battery dies quickly


my fp3+ batter dies very quickly. it doesn’t even last a full day when im at work unable to use it (literally just check messages during lunch and nothing more).

however, when i put it on charge it charges quite quickly.

no idea if one thing should negate the other, but im here to ask for tips to help me check and understand if it’s a batter problem or some background app draining it?

i believe it’s the former, but i want to hope it’s not because the phone is not even 2 years old.

Contact support in any case.
Warranty on the battery is 2 years … Fairphone 3 Warranty - What is a warranty and how does it work?
Support probably will ask you to confirm your observation with Fairphone OS running instead of /e/OS, but it’s better to mention the issue to start a support case while still in warranty.

Else … Does anything seem unusual in Settings - Battery - Battery usage?

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