Battery contacts spare part

Hi all!
I found that one battery contact of my FP2 is somehow twisted and I like to replace the contacts.
Does someone know where to get a spare part?
Best wishes Udo

Hi Udo, if I’m not wrong, this is part of the core module. So are you searching for a working core modul? If so, this is no spare part sold by FP and you would need to buy a used FP2, so I would suggest to move your post to the market section and to check ebay.

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Well, it depends if you are ready and able to solder away the contacts and resolder them on your own core-module, in which case I might have a dead core-module lying around with (I presume) intact contacts which you could use.
If you are asking for a spare part, this topic should indeed be moved to the #market:buy category.


Hello Alex, I will give it a try.
Is there a way to contact each other without publishing email or phone number?


See here: #how-to-dm


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