Battery Consumption

Since the upgrade to Android 13 to me it seems like a higher battery consumption.
Battery usage also tells the Android OS always is on top!
I ordered and installed a new battery pack, and it got better.
But still a lot af consumption: 25% less in flight mode after 15h doing nothing,

Maybe this could give a hint:
I noticet hat without beeing connected
a notification message from USB popping up every now and then.
When tapping in you can see that under
“Device that controls the USB connection” the
“Connected Device” flickers on and off.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Did you check the USB port for debris or damage? Did the phone have a water ingression by any chance?

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I disassembled, cleaned and resassembled it.
I didn’t notice anything.

The USB port? How to disassemble it? Sometimes it‘s a very dense, compressed dust block inside.

Where are you located? Maybe there is a Fairphone heaven nearby, with people helping you out with a spare bottom module to check whether that’s the cause.

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