Battery Connector FP4

Hi, i have read multiple threads searching for a competitive connector for the fp4 battery connector. But because they did not go anywhere i thoud i open a new one. (sorry i guess, i am new her)

I have measured a pitch off 2mm and I wanted to ask if somebody already order connectors that fit and are tested. If so please let me know. If not, I will have to source some connectors myself.

Thangs :slight_smile:

After asking i found the right part

The manufacturer of our battery connector is Yuliang Electronics and its part number is 02-0024-01.

I will now try to obtain samples


A belated welcome to our Community! :wave:

Good to read you got your question answered by Fairphone. Let’s hope there will be a list of suppliers for the FP4 here (the site already has those for FP2 and FP3), too:

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