Battery charging

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to charge the battery on their FP4?
I have both fast and ordinary chargers and it takes forever, the chargers work fine on my husband’s phone (not FP).
I thought the whole idea of not providing another charger was to cut down on the waste, and they would work on the FP.
I’m not getting answers from FP themselves and the reseller I bought it from is saying they need ‘permission’ from FP before they can do anything. I’m getting rapidly irritated with going round in circles.

It depends on charger and cable how fast it charges. With my combination it can fast charge…

Was it always slow for you? Did you try different cable?

Yeah, but what kind of fast charger? FP4 supports Quick Charge 4+ (or any older) with maximum of 20W. I usually charge overnight with a slow charger (5W) and occasionally use a 15W QC3 fast charger throughout a day to get a bit more juice (but I don’t normally charge it fully during the day, just a few minutes to get a few extra percent).

The cable and charger combination are good. They are matched.

20A charges the other phone in an hour.

That sounds pretty normal to me.

The cable might be good in general still I would test a different

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