Battery charging issue ? Phone not turning on anymore

I purchase my fairphone2 in early 2017. I recently came up with an issue that seems to come from the battery not charging anymore.

The battery in my phone was recently purchased (march 2021). Sunday I wasn’t able to charge it anymore, and I am unable to turn it on anymore (I guess because powering it up temporarily requires more energy than what can be delivered by the current).

When the phone is charging and the notification led is blinking red, it is not possible to do anything.

The red led eventually turns red (not blinking anymore) => I can see the screen with a virtual battery charging (filling with blue, the background is a picture of the fairphone when the shell is removed). If I try to turn it on, I can see the begging of the booting screen with “FAIRPHONE” in the middle, but then it stops and the notification led starts blinking again.

I tried several chargers, power sockets… I even changed the battery for the old one I was using (before march). It was still working but after 2 days the old battery started behaving just like the new one.

I guess the excepted behavior is the notification led to be orange when the phone is charging and if the energy supply is beyond some level.

Can anyone help me understanding what’s happening to my phone ?

LED blinking red usually means the battery has been completely dry (empty). If this is the case, you should actually let the phone charge the battery until the LED turns green. Don’t switch it on before.

The usual succession of LED colours should be: Blinking red (if the battery was all dry), constant red, yellowish and finally green when it is above 90 or 95%, see

If you don’t know yet: Don’t let the battery run all dry, see


I have the same problem, did you find out how to fix it ?

If I plug it in without the battery, it works as it should, but with the barttery in, it dosn’t seem to charge even if it displays the screen with the virtual battery charging. I purcharsed a new battery, the phone turned on with 16% left, then got to 2% in a few minutes and got back to not turning on anymore, so I guess it is not a problem with the battery.

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Exactly the same here.

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Hi all,
same problem. Phone became unuseful as I’m not able to charge it anymore.
I think it could be an issue with charge connection, but I’ve seen bottom module is not available anymore for selling.
I think it is not so ecologic to have to change phone after only 3 years (I bought it in september 2018) even if it is only a module issue (and not an issue of core part).
Also, in this period it seems there is no phone to buy, so I have to change phone company.
It is very frustrating for me.

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The FP3(+) is not available at the Fairphone shop at the moment, but you can buy it at different resellers. In Germany at for example.


Thank you.

Putting the battery in a fridge for 1h and then charging it over night did the trick

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I would buy a new battery then…

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