Battery charge issue- loop

The other day my phone ran out of charge so I plugged it in, and now it seems to be in a loop where it charges to 1% and tries to boot up- but this drains the battery so it switches off again and I get the red flashing light showing there is no charge- then back to 1% so it tries to boot up again- over and over and over. Have tried various chargers and taking the battery out and leaving it for a while. Any idea how to fix this?

The above link, further down the post, refers to an update that refers to a similar problem, but the update may not be available to you yet


Ah thankyou, that’s helpful. I’ll just need to figure out how I can install the updat without being able to switch my phone on :wink:

Hi @KatieMurray
I wonder where you are and if you can find someone to borrow a battery for 10m and see if the phone at least works. There are mysterious Fairphone Angels, that haunt the big cities aledgedly.

Which model?

See #fairphoneangels.

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