Battery autonomy


I bought my FP4 2 weeks ago and I wonder about battery autonomy.
So I made a test :

27/05 8:50 : 100%
28/05 8:42 : 52% (44 mn of use)
28/05 21:45 : 21% (1h12 mn of use)

No GPS, bluetooth or wifi
No videos or video games.
Just emails, news and a 9 mn phone call.
Night lighting, adaptive brightness, dark theme, activated.
89% brightness.

The battery loose 79% in 1 day and 12 hours just with 1 hour and 12 mn of activity
Do you think it’s a normal autonomy or is it not enough ?

Thank you.

A new phone or a phone just after an update will always use more energy.
Just use your phone and after one week check again how much energy the battery has used.
Now the phone is just to new.


Under a very good radio coverage, and no gaming either, i get, 36h after 100% charge and 8,75hours screen on time : 20% battery left.

Its hard to say because it might have been downloading updates or doing something else in the background. But i think its fairly normal. Apps like gmail and news apps keep refreshing in the background in order to give you notifications about important things so even in standby it will drain faster then you might think

That’s almost the max and will take a lot of power. Reduce if you can. Adaptive brightness is useful particularly outdoors but will tend to push brightness up beyond what you really need in my experience.

You also may want to take a look at (the summary of) this thread:


Thank you everybody for your answers.

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