Batterie, File transfert, overheated and alone restart problems

Hello, I have FP2 since February 2016 and I did every updates possible, it not often falls and I download security and cleaning apps 1 year ago.
But I still have some problems :

  1. overheated problem : my phone reach 80°C when 10 web site pages and small apps are open or 2 big apps are open. The security and cleaning apps help a lot but it’s still scary to see that temperature !

  2. Restarting problem : The problem 1) can be the Reason of this restart, but I’m not sure of that…

  3. Batterie problem : Someday the batterie’s level fall quickly and lose until 50 percent in 2 hours ! I’m not sure that’s a problem of big apps because I try not to use them frequently and there isn’t a batterie problem each time I use a big app. Sometime, I also have an oder prblem of batterie (perhaps a problem of display ?) becaus when I shut my phone with (for exemple) 60% of batterie, I open it, it show 20% and I see the percent reduce 1%/second !

  4. File transfert problem : The first year, I correctly could transfert files and pictures from my phone to my computer without problem. Then no computer can read my phone.

Can those problems be solved ?

Thanks in advance for your answer

See the #rebootsguide .

See the #batteryguide .

Since Android 6 you have to take action on the phone to transfer files …


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