Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2016

Hi everybody!

Recently I have seen that Barcelona Mobile World Congress starts in some weeks (22-25 February 2016). It would be great organize an event or conference to announce Fairphone 2. Someone from the Fairphone team will come to the MWC?

The event could be celebrated in the congress itself or in other centric place.
Interested audience is sure. With help of BCN fairphoners the event could be easily become known and maybe the press could be interested.

I wait you response!

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Hi, great idea! Is this meant to reach the community or the FP team itself? If it’s for the FP team, they probably won’t read it here in the community forum and you should consider to contact them directly. In your case, the support contact may not be suitable (and it could take days to get an answer), but there’s actually a speaker request form on the press site (scroll down to the bottom!).

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Hey, the persons to contact would be @Douwe (Fairphone Team) and @CCamara (BCN community).

Contact details for Carlos can be found in the Local Fairphoners Address Book. :slight_smile:

Thank you @david.quinones for making this open call and thank you @Stefan for mentioning me and putting me in this conversation. I’m also copying @anon30133089 as she’s in charge of public engagement (It would be great to see you here again!)

As @Stefan pointed out I am currently living in Barcelona, so it would be great to join any Fairphone team that may assist to the event.

Additionally, the people from the non-profit Setem Catalunya contacted me because they will be organizing an alternative event parallell to MWC (similar to the electronic watch campaing they have been carrying out) to bring attention to injustices related to telecomunications and computing in general and promoting alternative initiatives. Their idea is to invite other people, entities and campaigns, and they consider Fairphone and Eticom (an ethical telecomunications cooperative) as key speakers.

The event will likely take place on Monday 22nd February (dates to be confirmed) and will be called Mobile Social Congres. For the moment I will be attending to it in order to give my experience as a Fairphone 1 user, but it would be great if anyone could join me in!


As soon as the dates are confirmed, it would be great, if you could add this to the List of upcoming community meetups/events. :slight_smile:

Hi. I´d be very happy to come too! Thanks.

Glad to see you there, @laurent_guerguy!

Apparently, and according to organizers, Mobile Social Congress is going to be a distributed event. Confirmed dates for Fairphone are 23rd February. I have updated the List of upcoming community meetups/events as per @stefan request.

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Hi all,

Great to hear about your initiative! Me and 1-2 other colleagues are attending MWC. We’ve decided not to have a booth or organise our own event this time but we’d be more than happy to meet you and any other community members in Barcelona. So far the evening of 24th looks most feasible :wink:


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Hello, it will be great to meet you again, @anon30133089 . As well as meeting other Fairphone staff and community!
I will be attending to MOBILE SOCIAL CONGRESS on the 23rd February from 16h to 21h at Casinet d’Hostafrancs C/Rector Triadó, 53, 08014 Barcelona (more info from organizers here:, as they are going to invite fairphone users as well as other kind of related organizations like Guifinet, or Eticom amongst others. It would be great if someone from Fairphone could be there, but if that doesn’t fit in your agenda, we could organize something for the 24th as you requested.

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Great Carlos! I will actually be presenting Fairphone at Mobile Social
Congress on 23d Feb at 20:15. Look forward to seeing you and other
Fairphone supporters there! :wink: