Bank name in order e-mail inconsistent to what is shown at online banking

I ordered a FP2 today and choose bank transfer as payment option. Now I wanted to do a bank transfer and I noticed a difference between what the bank name is as stated in the e-mail I received and what I see when doing the bank transfer. In the e-mail it is stated that name of the bank is: Rabobank. In my banks interface it is stated: DZ Bank.
I choose the German IBAN number supplied in the instruction e-mail. Unfortunately I can not see the BIC to verify. Using the Dutch IBAN I don’t see any bank name at all (maybe because part of the bank name is included in the IBAN as it seems).

Anyone else noticed this and can confirm that DZ Bank is the correct name of the bank for the German IBAN? Thank you.

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I have not ordered anything by bank transfer so far, so I can’t see the IBAN number, but the lists linking IBAN numbers to banks should be public for any EU country.

In the case of Germany, an IBAN is composed of: the letters DE, then 2 check digits, then an 8-digit code for the bank (Bankleitzahl), then a 10-digit account number. For instance, my own IBAN starts with DE75 1001 1001 -> here 10011001 is the code of the bank (N26 Bank).

Can you post this 8-digit bank code for the IBAN supplied by Fairphone?


But I assume what my bank shoes me is what this number translates to. I guess the e-mail is wrong. It also states only one bank name, and everything else which is given (IBAN, BIC,…) is given twice.

You’re missing two digits there. 21 are the check digits, but the list at Deutsche Bundesbank indicates that the bank code you mentioned should be 30060010 which is DZ Bank with BIC code GENODEDDXXX.

Perhaps the Dutch bank account you were talking about is the one at Rabobank?

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That BIC code seems somewhat consistent with this:

Now Wikipedia is our friend: WGZ Bank was merged into DZ Bank into 2016, and Fairphone did not update the name on their web site yet.

So Fairphone confirms, the account at Rabobank is their main one in the Netherlands - and you are indeed transferring to their local bank in Germany.


Perfect. Thanks for the quick support. And thanks for the link. The e-mail has this one:

which gives me an “Oops - The page you were looking for doesn’t exist”. Seems like there are some things to be updated… :slight_smile:


Thnx for raising this issue. I made our website team aware of it and I hope they can fix it soon.


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