🇫🇷 🇬🇧 Bandes de fréquences supportés? Supported Bandwidth?


Quels sont les bandes de fréquence supportés actuellement par le fairphone 3?
Est-il pleinement utilisable en France?


What is the supported bandwitch by fairphone 3?

Merci d’avance

I don’t know what bands are used in :fr:, so unsure how useful the following will be to you

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad-band: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • UMTS: Band 1 (2100 MHz); Band 2 (900 MHz); Band 5 (850MHz); Band 8 (900 MHz)
  • 4G / LTE Advanced Band 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 13 / 20 / 26

Here’s the support page for connectivity of FP3

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As the Fairphone 3 is designed for the european market and sold e.g. via Orange (they even have a special appli for those customers) and Sosh, you can rest assured, that the FP3 is working just fine throughout France (and Europe), as long as you do not expect 5G, which is not supported.

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okay but nothing about b28 on 4g… we use it in France? So fairphone 3 is not fully compatible with French 4G…dommage!

You don’t need to have all your operator’s bands to have a working phone. Many of those bands are just extras for busy areas and if a few people use them, they’ll free up capacity.

This band is mostly supported by high-end phones. Many mid-range phones sold today don’t support it either (Samsung Galaxy A series do not support it either, for instance).


“Many of those bands are just extras for busy areas and if a few people use them, they’ll free up capacity.”
No, there is a telecom operator named “Free mobile” that will soon use this frequency band as the main band because until recently it only had high frequency bands 2100 and 2600mhz whereas the other operators had 800mhz band.
Now all the French operators have the right to use and use the band 700 (B28), it will be more and more used.
Here you can’t see french deployement of (B28) 700mhz antennas:
For now it’s only 17176 antennas LOL

As you probably know, the bands 700 (B28) or 800 (B20) are the most penetrating bands in buildings and covering the largest area.
It is therefore imperative that my future phone like that of many people is not obsolete even before being bought.

“This band is mostly supported by high-end phones. Many mid-range phones sold today don’t support it either (Samsung Galaxy A series do not support it either, for instance).”

Maybe in your country!?
Actually, i have a lenovo p2 that supports without problems this frequency and this is a three years old mid range phone.
Only chinese phone can’t support it like Xiaomi phones.


I see your point, but at least B20 is supported by FP3, so maybe it’s not obsolete before buying (maybe you are a bit exaggerating there :wink: ).
If the FP3 is not for you, because of this, that’s perfectly ok and understandable.
Still there are so many modern phones out there, that are sold in France as well, that do not support each and every band (especialle B28), that I would agree to

Even Free Mobile themselves are selling lots of those phones, like e.g. Huawei P30, Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung XCover 4S, Motorola Moto G7 Play and Nokia 4.2. Some offer only 1 band at all for 4G. Therefore I would guess, that a FP3 will work with them as well.

“Free mobile” does not have a frequency band b20.
So buying a phone without the band b28 and having “free mobile” as operator this is like shooting himself in the leg because it will work very badly.
They play with the ignorance of the users to sell smartphones.
bref, am agree with you, the FP3 is not for me! I will probably buy a used “oneplus 7”.

Thanks a lot for your response.

How do you mean, it will work very badly?

In cities the higher frequencies are used, so you will still have 4G. In rural areas you will get 3G instead: Free’s 900 MHz 3G network is supported. So your phone should still work everywhere in France.

FYI: “Free mobile” use a limited 3G roaming from Orange network. it’s extremely rare to be on “free mobile” 3G… most of time you are on the limited Orange roaming 3G and you can’t open a website with this kind of connection.

And i live in rural area.

because of the arrival of the 5G the 4G connection will be bridged as each time a “better” technology comes on the market the operators flange the previous technology.

In France our 3G = edge or 2g since the arrival of 4G …

I see. According to Wikipedia, this roaming agreement will end by the end of 2020, so they will have to expand their own 3G coverage in any case.

I think the problem is more that their rural service is bad in general, one more band wouldn’t fix that. They have to support 3G as they sell lots of phones incapable of B28.

Would that not be very dumb of Free Mobile, to sell phones, that just can use 2600MHz for 4G, if customers will be dissatisfied because their phone is working bad, if at all?
And if Free Mobile is using the Orange network and Orange is selling the FP3, I really would not be very worried to get problems having a usable phone in France.

There are more things to connectivity than just the supported bands. The design of the phone and the quality of the antennae and their design do influence the strength of the signal quite a lot. Before buying a phone, this should be considered, I just don’t know if this information is available for all the bands seperately, but I think to remember some paper having tested this stuff (i guess it was connect, though that kind of info is not online available; for free at least).
And - of course - I have no idea how the FP3 will be scoring in this regard.

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