☑ This Reply Solves the Problem - Now possible

It is now possible to mark an answer in a topic as ‘This Reply Solves the Problem’.

There is a new check mark icongrafikunder each post that can be clicked by the person who started the topic.

That post will then be marked as The Solution and also be linked to in the first post.

Hopefully this will help people browsing the forum to find the right answers more easily. Especially in long threads where a lot of discussion took place before someone came up with a good solution.

There are also two new badges, one for your first reply that solved a problem and one if you solved ten problems!

Let us know how you like it in this thread!


Is it possible to give more then one solution? Sometimes there a different workarounds for the same problem that work.

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No. I also asked for this option in the meta forum. But so far this seems not to be a feature.

Ok, in these cases we can edit the posts and copy the other solutions manually, like before.

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Is it me? Cann’t find the checkbox, resolved, neither the way this will be displayed.
It Would be better to display the solution at the top or end of the discusion. Or with an easy to find button.

To me the forum often is far too technical. I understand and recognise the described problems, but never the offered solutions or work arounds. Wouldend it be nice to create help topics out of the solid found solutions, apart from the endless discusions (I am reading for 2 hours now) and written in a language that is a bit easier to understand?

Would be great!

You only see the checkbox to mark an answer as the solution if you created the topic.

We don’t have a lot of topics with a post marked as solved yet as the plugin was just introduced today, but here is an example:

We have #wiki topics/posts that often function as a how-to guide where everyone can contribute to find the best solution. For very long topics there is the “summarize” function, which will only display the most “liked” and replied-to posts, as these are often the ones containing the most helpful information. Also for some long topics we copied the most important tips and workarounds in the first post.

The forum population ranges from very to not at all tech savvy and that is sometimes reflected in the language, but you can always ask for a better explanation if you don’t understand what someone has written. Usually someone will explain it to you quite fast.


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