Baidu related software installed?


I saw I have this folder in my Fairphone:


Why is that? Is there any software related to Baidu installed? I was not able to find it in Settings -> Apps. Does it come with the original OS? I don’t think I installed anything related to baidu. How do I uninstall it?

I try google a little bit and I just found this:

But obviously I don’t have any xperia software installed, I don’t know if it could be something similar.



I don’t have the folder you mention:

Could it be, that it was installed by some other app. (It certainly does not come preinstalled with the OS.)

I have it too (and I also have no clue where it came from)

@bingen and @jpjacobs: Do you have Google Apps installed? I don’t, so maybe it comes from Google?

Yes, I do have google apps installed.
By the way, the folder is empty.
I just deleted it to check whether something misbehaves, or recreates it…

Not on my FP.
After googling a bit, it seems that most people having the baidu folder are sony xperia owners, and apparently it is related to the app ‘myxperia’ which, as I understand it, resembles Google’s Android Device Manager. So maybe enabling ADM could have something to do with it? There are also hints that ES File Explorer and Wechat are apps that connects to Baidu (which is a Chinese web service company not unlike Google), thus creating the folder.

I do have ES file explorer installed though …

Same here. I have the folder (it’s empty) and have GApps and ES File Explorer installed.

GApps installed here, w/o device manager. Folder not present (checked with OI File Manager). FP1, running FPOS 1.6 Cherry.

@jpjacobs, @Jerry:

since ES File Explorer is a cloud storage client and Baidu offers cloud storage services, it makes sense to suspect that ESFE is the cause:

Android users can make use of three Android file-management apps – ES File Explorer, File Expert, and Boat Browser – which all now support Baidu’s new cloud service with updates today.

You could, of course, uninstall ESFE, delete the baidu folder, reboot and see if it reappears. Or just live with it (don’t think therer are any particular reasons to suspect that it’s harmful).

I don’t have ES File Explorer, but I do have Google Apps…

Don’t think google apps is the reason - I have Gapps installed, just as @humorkritik (see his post above) and neither of us have the baidu folder. Have you installed aome other 3rd party app (presumably one that has to do with ‘the cloud’) that could cause it?

I’ve GAPPS and ES File Explorer installed on my FP1U and that folder does not exist on my phone.