Bad signal, disconnections when switching network types. Bad sound quality calls

Hello all,

I can’t tell when my problems started, but for the last month (even before upgrading to Android 7.1.2) I started to have problem with the signal in my FP2: the phone said that I had network but I could not make phone call.


It usually happens after switching from one network type to another (i.e from 4G to 2G). And I don’t really know why it switches cause most of the time I’m not moving around…

If I’m talking to someone and I move, it sometimes lose the signal, I can hear people but people can hear me.

I ran all the hw tests I can run from the FP Checkup and everything is ok.

How can I debug this problem? what can be the root cause of this bad signal issue? broken antena?

… but if you still have warranty, better #contactsupport .

Does the problem only happen for your WhatsApp phone calls or also when you’re doing “normal” phone calls (GSM calls)?
Keep in mind that data speed can be limited even when it shows good network!


I alredy did. The connections looked ok. I’ll open the phone again and double check.

Thanks for your answer.

GSM calls. I sometimes end using whatsapp / telegram calls cause the GSM calls do not work (people don’t hear me).

Thanks for your answer,

ok, but your screenshot with the error message that “you don’t have internet connection” shows a whatsapp call…?!

Ah, yes, sorry, you’re right. It was the only error that I thought it could be useful… my fault.
At that point of time, if I try to call (GSM) it does not work, I get a “beep” and it hangs.

Thanks for your answer.

At least when trying to call while having 4G network (LTE) the phone has to switch the network type because unfortunately Fairphone didn’t make the VoLTE feature available (although the chipset supports it). If then the alternative network type is weak you might end up in the situation you describe. But it is unlikely that this happens in different locations over and over again.

Ok, so, if I stick to 2G I should not have that issue?
And, what about the michrophone issue? makes no sense that I can hear people but they cannot hear me, right?

Thanks for your answer

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