Bad mobile network connection

For some weeks I have problems making and receiving phone calls. The phone looses the connection when I try to call, even though there was full signal strength just a second before. I also often get sms about missed calls when someone has tried to call me. Sms use to get through. I have tried to switch SIM slotswhich did not solve the problem. The SIM cards work fine in another phone.
I have no problems with wifi.
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

I would contact the SIM card provider, because even if a SIM card works in other phones it can be broken. Also I would test another SIM card in the FP2 if possible.

Maybe try to see it that way: If a SIM card works in other phones but not in a very particular one, the SIM card holder can be broken…

Another potential cause: How can I reconnect loose antenna cable

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I did not say that this cannot be the case thats why I advised to try another SIM. Still the other case is not incorrect, I already experienced this. So probably you might want to accept that the FP2 is not always the reason when things do not work as expected.

I have been trying to explain that this is no SIM card issue:

This is typical behavior for an antennae issue. When an incoming/outgoing phone call is established, the radio peak must be higher than usual because much more data packets are exchanged with the carrier in the same timespan. While a broken antennae might suffice for SMS messages, it no longer does for phone calls…

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Thanks. It sounds like an antenna issue then. Is there an online guide how to find the antenna och how to replace it?

You may want to look here: How can I reconnect loose antenna cable - #22 by
The original antennae cable is not available from Fairphone…

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Thanks. I will try that. Hopefully it works.

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