Bad LTE with Orange (France)


This is sad but I guess that the FP3 has a bad LTE antenna
I’ve been running multiple nperf and speedtest to find out that on various places, the FP3 doesn’t work as well as I would expect. I’m telling this only to point out something important we don’t often check when buying a phone. Most of the time, the FP3 will work pretty well, but the bad antenna can make a difference on some places

For example for today’s various tests, I had a download speed of about

30-40 mbit/sec on FP3
80-90 mbit/sec on Samsung Galaxy S9+

At my home it is most of the time

15-20 mbit/sec for FP3
30-40 mbit/sec for Galaxy S9+

Of course 30mbit/sec is enough… where I am ! but on some places it can drop down, it will depend. And as I said, most of the time for my way of living it is enough. But the difference is here, and it can be pretty bad for some people.

And I guess this is not due to a missing frequency. Orange is, as I remember, well supported by Fairphone

This said, continue doing your good work. I hope it will improve in the future with new models. I know that Xiaomi also has bad antenna for devices I’ve tested, so Fairphone are not the only ones

PS this was tested with both /e/ and original firmware

Two things to note:

a) Samsung S9 is a far more advanced phone spec wise and
b) The receiver may be able to process the signal quicker

so it may not be the antenna

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  • CPU – Octa Core 4×2.8GHz Kryo 385 + 4×1.8GHz Kryo 385 CPU Clock
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You say Orange, have you tested other networks?


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