Bad internet connection

Hey, since a few days I have mobile internet connection problems, the phone has very often no connection (3G or just H with no connection). In the train it’s almost impossible to get an internet connection.

It’s OS 1.9.3

Is there a known bug or could a software reset help? Or anything else to try?

BTW: I think it doesn’t matter, but my phone case broke, so I taped it under the volume button. I hope there is no sensor underneath it that could cause the problem?

Hey there,

if your provider is german O2, maybe you can be helped by resetting the APN settings to “standard”. Had the same problem til 10 minutes ago and now it’s gone. I think O2 changed something networkside and didn’t inform their customers who used manual APN settings…

Thank you, but no - i use T-mobile

No idea anyone? So the only way is to send it back?

Perhaps it’s an idea to remove your T-mobile settings, reboot and set up your T-mobile again.
In which country do you live?

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Germany, but it didn’t work. Even restoring it to factory settings didn’t work.

Check your T-mobile settings, have a look here.
If that’s not working, then it could be that you need a new simcard.

The settings on the site are the same that were the default parameters on my phone, so they are alright.

And the simcard, hmm, it’s only a few month old and it always worked. Can a simcard really get damaged?

Got a new simcard today and it doesn’t work. :confused:

So any ideas or send the fairphone back? :frowning:

Is there a T-mobile shop where you can go to, or check the local fairphoners address book.
If you are lucky you can test your phone by putting somebody else his/her simcard in your phone, adjust the internet settings and see if you have internet on your phone.

What happens if you remove the cover? Still connection problems? Maybe there is metallic wire in your tape… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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