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I am having some trouble with the bluetooth connection of my fairphone 3. I have managed to connect my phone to different bluetooth headphones but with both of them the connection is not great. I have tried connecting the headphones to other phones and then the connection is great. The biggest problem that i am encountering is that the music or podcast stops for a few milliseconds and then carries on, Kind of like what you hear when you would walk away from your phone with your headphones on. Sometimes I also hear cracking noisy sounds in the background. I have tried holding my phone closer to the headphone but this doesn’t solve the problem. Does anyone has this same problem? or tips to solve it?

Hi @MetteRoex and welcome to the forum of the Fairphone community.

Could you confirm that you are running the latest version of stock FPOS (either 8901.4.A.0010 or 8901.4.A.0011) or else state which version of which OS you are running.
Settings > About phone > Build number

Just a few other questions:

  • Are these problems recent or might they be related to an event such as OS update?
  • Do they occur more in some places than others? You might go to a park or some wide open space to do some tests.
  • Do you often put the phone down close to the router?

Apart from OS and the radio environment, there’s not a lot one can do about Bluetooth, but here are some suggestions:

  • Adjust the device - specific settings.
    Settings > Connected devices > tap the cogged wheel next to your headset’s name and disable any functions you don’t need.
  • Delete the Bluetooth pairings on the phone AND on the headsets. Consult the devices’ documentation to find out how to do that. This will generally delete all the device’s pairings in one go.
    Then pair them anew.
  • On the phone, you can also perform a network reset, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of any improvement compared with just deleting the BT pairings.
    Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth
    This will delete all your network settings including Wi-Fi network passwords, mobile data APNs and Bluetooth pairings. So do this only as a last-ditch solution.

I do have a similar issue with my FP3 (latest OS installed):
I do notice it especially if my BT headphones or my Car BT is connected to the Fairphone 3 and a second device as my workphone or my laptop. Periodically there is an interruption of the connection. To me it seems that the FP is sending kind of a heartbeat via BT every x seconds - which will interrupt the connection.

I tested it in connecting the same BT headphones to my work phone and my laptop simultaniously - and there is no interruption. So it must be related to the FP.

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If you are running the latest version of FPOS on your FP3 then see here:

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