Bad Bluetooth audio quality

Hey folks,
it seems like my FP5 and car audio are a some kind bad combination regarding BT audio quality. Music sounds like in the early ages of mp3 sharing were files had about 96 kbit/s. However, this bad quality only results in the combination of the FP5 and my car audio system (Opel Intellilink 900), I neither have this problem with other BT-devices connected to my FP5 nor other mobile phones connected to my car. If I switch to a wired Android auto connection the sound is also fine.

I looked up in the developer options where it states that the codec is AAC, which is also represented in PowerAMP, which I installed just for cross-checking those informations, normally I use spotify. I also connected a Samsung S22 to the car, which than uses SBC-codec with no sound issues. If i manually change the codec on the FP5 to SBC, the sound remains as bad as before.

Does anyone else noticed this behaviour? Does someone now a tool which can show the bitrate of the BT-audio connection?

Would be glad, if anyone could help, I’ve never had this bad audio quality with any other phone in that car before.

Below a screenshot from PowerAMP

Thank you!