Backup from other phone with google apps and restore on Fairphone without google apps


I’m currently moving from a Nexus 5 (with CyannogenMod 12.1 - Andriod 5.1.1) to my new Fairphone 2 (with Fairphone Open 16.11.0 - Android 5.1).
Now I’m looking for a working possibility to migrate some apps including data to my new phone.
As it is and will stay “Google Services” free I cannot use e.g. Titanium Backup.

I tried to migrate some data (K9-Mail, OpenKeyChain, WLAN-Access-Points, …) with the app “oandbackup”.
Generally the app does not show any error while starting or performing a restore, but the data of apps are not restored. When the restored (apk+data) app is started it is still like a blank complete new installed app.

Is anyone out there who made such a switch? (From a phone with gapps to a Fairphone 2 running Fairphone Open without gapps) If yes, how was the app data migrated?

Thanks for any help in advance.


I looked at this app, too.

But I didn’t really relied on it - I used Titanium Backup. (You don’t need Google Play for it. You can download it on its homepage.)

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If you make backups of the apps like K9-Mail which is available through F-Droid to your SD-card, I would persume it possible to restore the app and data through TWRP on your Fairphone Open OS.
You can go to TWRP by stopping your Fairphone, then pressing power and volume up at the same time.

Thanks for the fast reply.

@YtvwlD: I restored Titanium Backup and the Pro Key (I purchased the pro key some years ago) but the App is hanging while starting up.
It just shows:

Checking license …

and after a while:

Google Play Store is taking a long time to respond. If the problem persists, please un-install & reinstall your PRO key.

I will asked them if there is a possibility to activate my PRO Key without Google Play. Eventually the normal version is helping me enough as well.

Thank you Lidwien. Newer tried to use TWRP for single app backup and restore. I will check that as well.

Yes, that is a problem that I’ve ran into, too.

If you bought your PRO key via Google Play and want to use it without, you have to search the mail you received when you bought it and send it to Titanium - they’ll send you a key that works without Google Play.


For the record, I never had any issues with oandbackup. I’m running Google-free for three years already. Most probably you didn’t backup your apps’ data because of the shitty interface of oandbackup, :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks @Roboe , I’m pretty sure that I backed up my apps completly (including data) but I will check this twice to be sure. Apart from that I contacted the oandbackup guys in addition.

Thanks @YtvwlD I will look for the Pro Key confimation mail and send it to Titanium.

After OS upgrade the oandbackup issue is resolved as well. I discussed some kind of permission issue in another thread.

Fixing the other one solved this as well (exact root cause is unclear). Backup and restore of oandbackup is working as expected now.