Backlight flicker

Have a slightly random issue, where the backlight on my FP4 seems to flicker, or the brightness seems to hover, most noticeable if viewing something with large sections of dark area, with white text.
Sometimes manually changing the brightness resolves, sometimes locking & unlocking the phone, sometimes neither will fix.
I thought that it might be the auto brightness setting, but turned that off, and it still does it.
It used to happen on Android 11 , and still happens on A12
Any ideas, would be much appreciated.

You might want to pay attention if – when this happens – you are holding the device in a way that covers or meddles with the sensors (near the earpiece speaker at the top long end of the display side).

Thanks for the message, however, it happens with auto brightness turned off, and various lighting levels, and with nothing close to the light sensor.

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Same here, I add that I hold my phone from the bottom, so I have nothing near the light sensor.
Anyway I kepp the autobrightness off all the time.

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