Background noise using the cable type-c -> jack with Fairbuds XL

Hi everyone!
I’ve noticed that, when connecting my Fairbuds XL to a device using the type-c → jack cable (sold on the store), there is a pulsating noise in the background, even if nothing is being played.
This happens with all the devices I have, so the source is not the problem.

Anyone else is having the same problem?

Thanks in advance

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You might want to have a look here (Bug 4 perhaps?) to see if it helps with your issue:


Yeah, thank you for your help!

I get a terrible screetching noise when connecting the Fairbuds XL via usb-c. Depending on the usb-port and if they are on or off (In both cases I can hear music from the computer) in different intensities. It sometimes varies when doing stuff on the computer, like moving windows around or rebooting.

Some sort of bad 5v DC via the usb port that isn’t properly smoothed out via capacitors? Whatever, I’m not an electrical engineer. My other gear doesn’t have this problem. I’ll contact support, and also send those back…

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I have some noise when connecting via USB while they’re turned on, but not when they are turned off. In that case the sound is totally fine. :thinking:

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I can indeed confirm, that when the headset is turned on and connected with a USB-C → 3.5mm there is a ticking white noise:

But when the headset is turned off, then it seems to be fine. Overall the experience is better when the headset is turned off. I’ll also contactsupport because this is confusing and some people may not try to turn the headset off and just figure that the headset is of low quality.

In other situations you have to turn on the headset when connecting it via USB-C to your phone, because it doesn’t get enough power (I guess) when turned off. So this is not really a user friendly experience and it’s also not straightforward for users.

I can’t confirm that in my setup. I have no noticeable noise when connecting from my desktop to the Fairbuds XL via 3.5mm → USB-C cable - doesn’t matter if they’re turned on or off. That only changes the volume significantly. To me the sample file sounds more like some other sort of interference. But then it should happen no matter if the headphones are on or off… :thinking:

The issues I noticed above where purely happening when connecting via USB-C cable and also sound nothing like the file you uploaded. It was really just some uniform (white) noise.

Strange. I was able to reproduce the issue on both my laptop and my PS5. Especially when using the mic, this sound is a real pain. It isn’t that loud by the way when just listening to music, but I can hear it in the background. When using the headset for a recording it’s way more louder when you play the recording. I use the official USB-C to 3.5mm cable by the way.