Back up on Fairphone 2

Hello fellow Fairphone users

I have a FP2 that is using Android 7.1.2. Now I am planning to update to Android 10. Before that, I want to make a full back up of all the data on the phone. Which app would you recommend as the best one for doing such a back up?
(I’m without very advanced techical knowledge, so please recommend something that is easy
to navigate and please explain without to many technical terms or abbreviations.)
I would be grateful for an answer.
Kind regards

Did you already have a look at the official Fairphone support article?


Hello Volker
Many thanks for your answer. I did have a look at that article. It gives a description of how to back up the settings of your apps and a description of how to back up photos. I would also like to back up other data, like notes, sms, call logs, downloaded and other personal files and then being able to transfer that to a computer. Is there an easy way to do that on FP2? An app that works well, maybe?
Kind regards

For these have a look at SMS Backup & Restore which does just that (with MMS, attachments and media, call logs). Many apps can extract your SMS, MMS and log data but not so many can also restore them, this one can. Also transfer phone-to-phone over Wi-Fi.
The paid version allows you to back up to any WebDAV in addition to local, SD, Gg, 1drive etc.

If you prefer to use f-droid there’s SMS Backup+ (uses IMAP, last update four years), or Epistolaire which can produce readable HTML versions of your conversations and JSON export, no restore.

For just about everything else (mail, notes, files (photos, films, docs, music, …) calendar, contacts etc.) consider using a cloud-based service like or in combination with apps and browsers. These can all sync continuously so your content is permanently available on different devices. This is what the big operators offer too, but with a better chance of keeping control of your own data.


I’d also recommend MyPhoneExplorer. It should do what you’re planning to backup.


Hello Volker and OldRoutard

Thanks a lot for writing and giving your tips. I will check those apps out.
Seems like they are the kind that could help with what I am after.
Kind regards